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Sagtown Coffee will introduce a way of sharing interests and art between the community through an art project called the Sagtown Coffee Table. The Coffee Table will be a physical table in our store displayed with everything and anything you might find on your own coffee table at home and more. There are no limits, because all creativity is encouraged – photo albums, books, poetry, CDs as well as anything self published by a local artist will proudly find a spot on our Table.All items will be donated by staff and customers alike, shared with anyone who steps through our doors. Items on the table may be viewed in store, or taken out with the exchange of an e-mail address. Through this project, Sagtown will inspire the community to be surrounded and touched by art on daily basis, as connections over coffee and art take place in our humble abode.
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Sagtown Coffee offers an outstanding selection of coffee table books, newspapers, magazines and local publications.


Sagtown has free wifi. Boom.
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Every other Saturday is Troubadour night! Hosted by Dick Johansson and friends. An evening where song writers , musicians and music producers preform anything from Rock and Roll ,classical , country to opera. We perform from 5pm to 7pm. During the warmer months there is outdoor seating, candlelit tables, hand-crafted coffee, ice cold drinks, light fair or something sweet. Contact us if you are interested in performing! 725-TOWN (8696).


Sagtown Coffee at 78 Main Street in Sag Harbor in the Shopping Cove has started Main Street, Sag Harbor coffee delivery.According to Manager Julia Celano, the coffee company began offering the service one rainy day and is now a Sag Harbor staple. No matter now big or small (think one cup of regular Joe), Sagtown will delivery the coffee to your place of business for a small $1 delivery charge.

According to Celano, the service started as a spur of the moment idea and has been a roaring success. The business even created to-go menus showcasing their beverages, from a traditional latte or espresso to speciality coffees like their salted caramel latte, chocolate peanut butter latte, Chai tea latte, caramel macchiato, and for the kids options like Ghirardelli hot chocolate, steamed milk and freshly squeezed lemonade.
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